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About CiCe's Creations        

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website.  My name is Cheryl and I am the owner and designer of CiCe Creations.  I am a graphic artist by trade ( and finally found time to pursue one of my other creative passions…jewelry!  From that passion, CiCe's Creations was born.   I love creating various types of jewelry pieces and even more than that, I love sharing them with others.  I wonder what took me so long to do this!

 I’m glad you are visiting my site today, but please browse my shops on or Facebook as new pieces are frequently added.  Also, if you love your CiCe’s jewelry, then please pass the word around.  I welcome any feedback and am also open to new ideas.  Oh, and if you already have charms or gems you would like to use, then shoot me a message, as I may be able to help assemble a piece for you. 

 Feel free to contact me anytime: whether in person, via Email, Facebook or even text.

 Enough chatting, now back to being creative.

 Cheryl (CiCe)



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